Nurse Clinic Information


A student who becomes ill during the school day should, with the teacher’s permission, report to the school nurse.  The nurse will determine if the student should be sent home and will notify parents.  In order for the school to handle any emergency, please keep your child’s health records current. 

A student who must take prescription medicine during the school day is required to bring a written request from his/her parent and the medicine, in its original, properly-labeled container, to the nurse.  The nurse or nurse’s designee will give the medicine at the proper times. 

A list of supplies has been approved for use in school clinics by the district’s physician.  Please refer to the NISD student handbook.

Having current information will be of critical importance should an accident or injury occur that requires medical attention.  The district is not responsible for medical costs associated with a student’s injury.  The district does make available, however, an optional, low-cost student accident insurance program to assist parents in meeting medical expenses.