Student Records

A student’s school records are confidential and are protected from unauthorized use.  A cumulative record is maintained for each student from the time the student enters the district until the student withdraws or graduates.  This record moves with the student from school to school. In case of an emergency, it is extremely important that student records are accurate and current.  When there is any change in address, home or work phone, guardianship or a student’s name, records must be updated and submitted to office personnel.  A legal document must be submitted for a student name change, (i.e., birth certificate, marriage license, or court order).  

 In order to ensure the safety of students, all legal documents concerning joint custody, visitation rights, and restraining orders should be filed in the office. 

 Report cards are issued every six weeks and must be signed and returned.  Progress reports will be sent the Wednesday following the third week of each six-week grading period.  Please make sure to update your address and phone number regularly.