Managing iPads in the Classroom

Tips for Student iPad Success!

  1. Re-visit NISD Student Acceptable Use Policy - This policy applies to students using any type of technology in NISD, including iPads.
  2. Make sure students know and understand instructional expectations, care & handling of the iPads before they begin using them.  An alcohol wipe or eyeglass type cloth can be used to disinfect the touch surface of the iPad.
  3. Suggestion:  include a “get to know me” lesson over the basic parts and operation of the iPad. Cover it as a class utilizing the Elmo.  Show them SPOTLIGHT SEARCH and talk about pop-ups from FREE apps; in app purchase, access, location -
  4. Utilize “Task Cards” with the specific name of the app(s) you are wanting the student to access and clear instructions on the task to be performed at the iPad Center. Project instructions, similar to the task card, for the station.
  5. Have clear procedures in place for what the students do when something isn't working or they have a question.
  6. Always Test the sites or apps you plan to use ahead of time, in your classroom. 
  7. Have a routine that iPads are Face Down when teacher is talking and Always on table.  If students are sharing an iPad, only one student pilots it at a time.  Volume is muted if headphones are not plugged in.
  8. Ensure the same students use the same iPads every time the devices are used.  Briefly inspect the iPads at the end of each day to check for damage. Clear the history of apps and at the end of the day and look at which apps are open to see if students were staying on task.
  9. After an “apptivity” take note of what went well and what didn't.

Collaborate!  Your peers may have great ideas to offer about “apptivities” and techniques/strategies of use with the iPad.  Utilize interns and student teachers; have them find ways to use an app to practice skills/reinforce content.